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Ice Hockey Puck
Official weight and size.
 3th party
£1.43 (1.87€)
£1.43 (1.88€)
Black Hockey Stick Tape
Most water resistant. Stickiest adhesive. Highest thread count. 1 inch wide.
 3th party
£3.07 (4.03€)
£2.88 (3.78€)
£24.36 (31.96€)
£2.87 (3.76€)
Hockey Skate Guards - Black
 3th party
A+R Re-Edger skate sharpener
Perfect for on-the-fly repairs. Lightwieght and easy to use. Fits player and goalie hockey blades as well as figure skate blades. The Re-Edger" combines handheld sharpening technology and precision honing in one simple device.
 3th party
£10.34 (13.57€)
£14.89 (19.53€)
Clear Hockey Leg Tape 4 Pack
Stretchy to allow muscles to expand and contract. Durable to keep shin guards in place. 1" Wide.
 3th party
£7.87 (10.33€)
£7.71 (10.12€)
£7.68 (10.07€)
GAME GUARD Double Gumshield - CLEAR
Manufactured in the UK by Paul Norman Plastics Ltd. Comes with Case and Instructions for Use. Ideal for all Contact Sports. CE Approved Boil and Bite Gumshield. One Size Only - Suitable for Age 13+.
 3th party
£2.69 (3.53€)
£4.02 (5.28€)
£2.69 (3.53€)
Mammoth XT Gum Shield Pro Mould - Moulds to exact shape!
Moulds when submerged in hot water. Silicone Gum Shield. Best on the market. Suitable for both Men & Women. Comes in plastic case.
 3th party
£4.25 (5.58€)
Shock Doctor Gel Max Childrens Gum Shield
CE Approved. EXOSKELETAL SHOCK FRAME heavy-duty rubber shock frame. GEL-FITTM LINER custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. TRIPLE-LAYER DESIGN with integrated breathing channel.
 3th party
£15.19 (19.92€)
£16.76 (21.99€)
£18.84 (24.72€)
Cotton Hockey Tape (White)
Extra strong. Super sticky. Easy tear. 10 metres long. Best feel.
 3th party
Bauer Skate Bag - Pink (Fits sizes 1 -5) [Misc.]
With an adjustable shoulder strap. Fits ice skate sizes upto 5. 600 PVC backed poyester. Junior Skate Bag with Nike swoosh and Bauer logo. Dimension Approx: size 13.5″ x 7.5″.
 3th party
£14.51 (19.03€)
£13.45 (17.65€)
Powerflex Hockey Stick Grip Tape
May be used by itself or as an overwrap. Leaves no adhesive residue upon removal. Sticks to itself without adhesive.
 3th party
£3.43 (4.50€)
£3.36 (4.41€)
SkateMate patented handheld Ice Skate Sharpener / Conditioner for ALL ice skates, Ice Hockey, Speed skates or Dance!
Patented Ice Skate Sharpener. Suitable for hockey, dance or speed skates. Easy to use and self aligning. Waterproof so it can be used on wet skates or cleaned in soapy water!. Great way to use those Amazon vouchers you got for Xmas!.
 3th party
£15.25 (20.00€)
£15.25 (20.00€)
£15.25 (20.00€)
£15.25 (20.00€)
Nike Bauer NBH Ice/Figure/Hockey Skate Bags, Black [Misc.]
Shoulder carry strap. Fits up to size 12 skates. Black.
 3th party
Comes with Case and Instructions for Use. Ideal for all Contact Sports. CE Approved Boil and Bite Blackcurrant Flavoured Gumshield/Mouthguard. Adult Size - Suitable for Age 13+. Manufactured in the UK by PNP Ltd.
 3th party
Shock Doctor V1.5 Childrens Gum Shield
CE Approved. Built In breathing Channel,. Single Pro Shock Doctor Gum Shield. Works Well With Braces,. Youth Size Ages 10 and Under.
 3th party
£9.06 (11.88€)
£9.12 (11.97€)
£8.69 (11.40€)

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